5 Tips for Increasing Spring Curb Appeal

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5 Tips for Increasing Spring Curb Appeal

Improving a home’s curb appeal will add value to your property and help it sell faster. Homes are typically appraised based on the interior of a home’s condition and features, making it difficult for financial institutions to measure exactly how much curb appeal adds to property value. However, on average, homes with well-kept lawns and professional landscaping sell for 7% more than similar homes with exterior blemishes or unattractive front yards. Spring is the perfect time to clean up the home’s exterior to increase the value if you are looking to sell. Check out these 5 tips on how to increase your curb appeal!

Clean up the exterior

The winter months and cold weather can be tough on your home. Clean up the exterior of your home this Spring by washing your windows, power-washing the siding and repaint any siding or trim that may have faded or been damaged.

Add accent lighting

Adding solar-powered accent lighting can highlight your home in beautiful ways. You can light the front path leading to your home, flower beds or any lawn art you have. Highlighting the best parts of your yard can help increase curb appeal.

Add color with flowers

Adding colors that complement and highlight your homes exterior can significantly increase your curb appeal. Whether you add potted plants, hanging baskets or a front garden, flowers can make a home seem more bright and livable. Just note: no matter how warm it gets now, early May is still too soon to plant most annual flowers such as impatiens, begonias, coleus, marigolds and so on. Most perennials, on the other hand, can be planted immediately.

Keep gutters clean

Keeping your gutters clean can protect your home. When gutters and downspouts are blocked with leaves and debris, rainwater may not drain properly. As water overflows from gutters, it can cause water damage on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Add a new wreath or door mat

Adding a new wreath, door mat or rug can freshen up a front door, making your home seem more welcoming and updated.


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