8 Laundry Room Inspirations!

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Let’s face it; the laundry room is a place where we want to spend the least time possible. Wash, fold and repeat. Laundry can be boring unless we enjoy being in the laundry room! Here are some laundry room renovation ideas to help beat the boredom and spice up the chore!shutterstock_73266985Create a hideaway cabinet door. This will create an easy way to hide your appliances while not in use.

Have a bigger budget? Add a slick shelf and some fun décor! If you have a standing washer or dryer, add a skinny shelf behind to make it easier to reach what you need and to make it look good!

Want a drying rack that is out of the way and chic? Use a ladder! It is possible to have function and fun in the same place!

We would have to agree that sorting is the worst. But with these three drawers, it will make laundry time so easy for you and your family! (They will do all the work themselves now!)

Need a fun twist on a cabinet door knob? Try using clothespins! This option will add an enjoyable side to a mundane object.

 Need some creative storage solutions? Create a rolling storage bin in between the washer and dryer! It makes it easy to hide your laundry essentials while still having access to them.

Looking for an eye-popping makeover but not looking to break the bank? By using the space more wisely while adding storage, this laundry room is now a focal point instead of an eyesore! The best part is that this by simply painting their linoleum floor, adding a bit of wallpaper and a statement light piece they have transformed from shabby to chic.

Lastly for those of you pet lovers that are looking for a renovation to make your life easier, add a pet bath! This may be a grand project but it will be so worth it in the end. Imagine not having to lift them into a tub or deal with hose baths outside. By using complimentary tiles, it blends into the space and looks finished. Best part is you can use it for muddy kids, too!

Laundry spaces don’t have to be the room you close off to guests! Feel free to ask your Shorewest, REALTOR® if the certain renovations you have in mind will add value to your home. They have extensive training in what the general market is looking for. Make it an enjoyable work space and everyone will be coming over to see how they should be doing their laundry rooms! #ShorewestRealtors #LaundryRenovations #DIY

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