Brighten Up a Room 一Take Advantage of Natural Light!

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Who doesn’t love a little extra sunlight in their home? It’s warm, provides essential Vitamin D, and brightens a room without the need to use lamps and ceiling fixtures, not to mention the fact that it is totally free to use! There’s no reason not to capitalize on natural light, so keep reading for a few ideas to brighten up your home with sunlight! 

Lighter Color Means Brighter Rooms

Think back to what you learned in elementary school art class: Black absorbs light and white reflects it. When deciding what color to paint your room next, lean towards a paler color. Pale colors or anything close to white are going to have a higher Light Reflectance Value, or LVR, which means they will make your room appear brighter. You don’t have to choose a stark white for your walls, but make sure you are looking into white-based colors to keep that LVR up. 


Try a Tile Backsplash


If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen or bathroom, try reflective tile for a mirror-like accent. Glass tiles are great if you’re looking to get a mega-shine effect, as glass is able to reflect nearly 100% of the light shone on it! If you’re thinking glass may be a bit too much in your home, ceramic tile can be reflective without being blinding. It may be tempting to go with a trendy backsplash option like concrete or wood, but these options won’t be able to provide you with the shine you’re looking for, and can be more costly to install than tile. 


Adding a Skylight

While this project is more involved than some of the other options on this list, a skylight is a beautiful way to allow sunlight into your home, as well as providing you with a peek into the beautiful night sky in the evening. Due to the fact that they face upward, skylights are able to provide you with more consistent light through the course of the day. More consistent light means more time without turning your lights on, and more money saved! 


Wash Windows Regularly


You may not realize it, but dust, dirt, pollen and the elements take a toll on your windows! If you’re not cleaning them regularly, you’re being blocked from bonus natural sunlight. If you’re choosing to clean your windows on your own and forgo hiring someone, make sure you do plenty of research first! Cleaning in direct sunlight or using the wrong product can leave streaks on your windows, and continue to block the sun out, not to mention looking unattractive. Make sure you use a squeegee to get rid of all water and clean the windows on a cloudy day for a streak free shine.


When you start on your next home renovation, whether big or small, look for new ways to bring in more natural light! You don’t want to rob yourself of the benefits sunlight can provide, and your electric bill will thank you.

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